May 20th, 2005

me :: lake mary


In reference to this review of the latest Stargate novel, I feel like it's time for another (?) installation of...

Shoomy's Handy-Dandy Aztec Name Pronunciation Primer!

...Or SHANPP for short, if that's somehow less confusing to you. But I digress! Seeing how it's late and I'm feeling somewhat nutty, I figured it was time to clarify that the anglicization of the Aztecan language assumes a "sh" pronunciation of the character "x." Here are some particularly relevant examples:

Xipe - SHEE-peh
Yaxkin - YASH-keen
Xalotcan - SHAH-loht-cahn

Therefore, one Jack O'Neill would not be running around mispronouncing them as spiffy, yak skin, and xylophone, respectively. Shoomy out!

[end transmission]
me :: lake mary

On Why There Is Glass In My Mouth and Other Such Conundrums

Thanks to my stained glass panel, I now have several Shards of Hell Itself embedded in my hands and face. The combination of naturally dry skin, superficial cuts from scoring glass, and adorable little bits of said glass in my forehead is just... Unpleasant. Worth it, but unpleasant.

Fie on't, fie... I cannot wait for tomorrow...! *paces*

*does laundry*

(Oi, Adam! When do you get in tomorrow? I'd like to pick you up on time, if at all possible. :)