May 25th, 2005

myst :: sirrus


Instead of skirting the topic with extensive deliberation, I'll just out and say it- I disagree with the final choice for the Mysterium t-shirt logo contest. Yes, there's tons of potential in Night Sky's piece and I mean in no way to demean it, but I just feel like some of the more cohesive designs were overlooked. I suppose my primary tiff with the final choice is just that the half-inverted text is pretty unreadable (as Gadren pointed out on MystCommunity), but this could be easily remedied in order to fully T-shirtify the design. I'd love if the committee was willing to hear some open critique from the community, especially seeing how we didn't vote on the designs this time 'round... Speaking of which, if Mysterium is a convention by and for the fans, why wasn't the logo competition a public poll?

Aaand of course, now I have to disclaim the fact that this post isn't about dissing the Mysterium committee, it's just me expressing a personal opinion. Nor is this post all about me being ornery over not being teh WINNAR!!1, as I've been through more than enough competitions to know how to handle critique and/or the unthinkable defeat. Please, in the name of the maker don't read too far into this. Gah.

I'm going to that special hell for this, aren't I...?