May 26th, 2005

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The room is officially blankified, which is somewhat depressing. I miss my decor, but at the same time it's pretty nice to have everything out and packed. Mm. My stained glass critique is at 2, but after that it's just laundry, sleep, and a mite bit of recreation before getting on the plane to Seattle... Northwest Folklife Festival = one hell of a well-deserved break for the Claire. Woot!

While we're on the topic of cleaning, Adam- unbeknownst to me, my bed seems to have taken your hat hostage during your last visit and I have only just now rescued it from the vile clutches of my comforter! If you are indeed missing a hat, then I have it in my posession; I won't be able to send it to you until I get home, but in the meantime, I promise that it will be provided with the best of care while it accompanies me on my adventures in Seattle and beyond.

I must admit, I find the fact that your hat is visiting me in Los Angeles before you are highly amusing. :D

me :: lake mary

So long, and thanks for all the blisters.

While I can make no guarantee that this will be my last post before I head off for Seattle tomorrow morning, I have decided to designate this as my official "Oh Dear Maker, I'm Done With Freshman Year" post. The, how do you say, State of the Claire address. And without further delay,

...Pretty much sums up my current state of mind. The crit is finally over and done with, my room has essentially been displaced to some storage facility for the remainder of the summer, and I sit, alone, in my echo-ey room with only the most basic of provisions- water, internet, and my iPod. Aaah.

Freshman year has been a trip to say the least, but I can't possibly imagine having spent it anywhere else. The number of opportunities and people I would have missed out on by not going here is just incomprehensible, and, while it's a joy to go home and relax for the first time in months, I cannot deny that the little part of me that has "gone native" here in New England yearns to stay and openly mock the Red Sox. I know I'll go home only to attempt to unlock my room door every time i approach it, and wave my hand in front of my towel rack in expectation of that promising little "wwrrREEEEER" of the paper towels, and fret about when I can't find a good chocolate chip cookie at 9:30 on a Monday morning. The miniscule details that make up my week.

I'll also miss having friends who're as accessible as a 24-hour ATM built into the side of my house, but that could be easily remedied by kidnapping Maddy and turning her into some sort of makeshift roommate against her will. We'll have to see how that goes. But I digress! Friends (not that Maddy's a digression from the topic of friends, it's just that, I, um, you- and- shut up!). It's amazing how being forced to live in such close proximity to a large group of people can speed up everything in one's social life or lack thereof; I never would have thought that I'd bond so earnestly with my classmates, to the point that (as was realized a few minutes ago) I identify them by their scents. If someone leaves an article of clothing in my room, I simply act the lycanthrope and instinctually smell the damned thing. Fun stuff.

Yes, well, the year's been marvelous and complex and baroque (not really, but it's such a nice word) and other such nonsense, but I've had my fill for now and am quite ready to drag myself onto the plane in however many hours and just... Sit. Not involved sitting that requires worrying about 2D projects, no- just sitting.

I'll update with the state of my stained glass after its towel-wrapped journey as a carry-on at some point tomorrow... This'll be fun. :D