May 28th, 2005

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I managed to get all of my college-related paraphenalia onto the plane to Seattle, which is... Surprising. Somehow two oversized bags, a roll of art, a 2' square stained glass panel and a foam rubber goat mask count as two legitimate carry-ons. Huh. The flight itself was interesting as I managed to land myself the sole seat on the plane which didn't have room for a carry-on under the seat in front of you (Huzzah for exit rows), but I managed to sleep during most of the flight and have thus begun my slow, slow trek back towards a normal sleep schedule. Nnng.

The Northwest Folklife Festival has been marvelous so far (the man in a kilt playing the imperial march from Star Wars on his bagpipes was particularly magnificent), though I'm quite sad to say that Rev. Chumleigh was unable to bring Bella this year- she's in shed at the moment- and so I'm spending the weekend sans the burmese python wrapped around my body. Damn it all. All the more reason I should find time to visit the Chumleigh clan down at their farm this summer, I suppose, as I'll need to get my snake fix one way or another.

Despite lack of snakeage, Folklife has been delicious (in the way of burritos, indian and thai food, chocolate-covered strawberries, and crepes) and prime in the way of people-watching; I'm hoping that I'll be able to find time to just sit around and sketch tomorrow, as the chunk of humanity represented here is overwhelmingly diverse. I've also done a fair bit of browsing at the stalls and now own a hungarian archery bracer, a worn leather bangle, a pair of awesomely Rivenese shoes, and, interstingly enough, a dress now deemed the "Katran dress." The first time I came to Folklife I was immediately enthralled by the fact that one of the first vendors I came across was selling something that looked as if it was straight out of Catherine's wardrobe in Riven, and now, some four years later, I find myself in the same situation... Maker, I'm so dorkily predictable.

I'll probably post a more in-depth, photo-laden post about all of this as some later point, but for now, I need teh sleepz! I'm planning on seeing both my friend from home, Lucas, and Eleri tomorrow, so I want to be at least somewhat conscious for the duration. :)