June 2nd, 2005

me :: lake mary

Blue... Deep Blue? Deep, Blue, and Lakey. Deep. Yup.

For some inexplicable reason, the little town of Prospect, Oregon has wireless internet that I can access from my hotel room. This is a pleasant surprise, albeit a flaky one, as my internet now has the unfortunate tendency to cut out at the most inopportune moments. Adam, apologies for the abrupt end to our conversation last night- Oregon shall rue the day it crossed Claire Hummel and her internet connection!


In other news, Crater Lake exceeded expectations, as nature is oft to do. I'd ramble on about how beautiful it was, but 1) I have to pack, and 2) my photos are somewhat more substantial than me sitting here and saying "It was- it was, like, so blue. Like it out-blued blue! And it was deep, and a crater, and... And stuff. And there were these rocks-" and so on. None of that.

We're driving down to the Oregon Vortex today, a place and experience which calls itself :The Famous Circular Area with its Unique Phenomena" and has been forever branded into my childhood. It's hard to explain, really, save that it's less a vortex of mystery and more a vortex of pure, concentratd American kitsch. I cannot wait. After that we're making our way down to the Redwoods to play Rebel Alliance on the metaphorical moon of Endor, which I'd elaborate on, but I must pack up my computer for now.

With love,