June 15th, 2005

me :: lake mary

I don't have any fandom-appropriate icons for this post. Curses.

Went to see Batman Begins today with The Maddy and had a marvelous time; as Maddy pointed out after the film, the DC universe is so convoluted and contradictory already (as comics universes are wont to be) that this film simply exists as one in a long line of Batman iterations, and, so, not being tied to any particular canonical text, it stands up quite well as an adaptation of the legend that is the Batman. I won't say much more for the time being so as not to spoil anyone, but, well, it's pretty, I like bats, and Gary Oldman plays Commissioner-to-be Gordon. Good times had by all.

We went over to Vitaly's house afterwards for a group meditation, which was (obviously) relaxing and quite fun seeing how he, Ms. White, and Ms. Barkataki were all there; for those not in the know, the three of them were teachers at my high school (and valued friends), and it was like some fulfillment of my childhood dreams to be able to hang out with my teachers outside of school. OMG. I suppose I can start calling Ms. White and Ms. Barkataki by Ariane and Suzanna, respectively, now that I think about it, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet. Gah.