June 21st, 2005

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Today (technically yesterday, but who's counting) marked the beginning of my fifth summer at Neopets, which feels like it should be some sort of achievement. Went in this morning and felt completely comfortable getting back into the swing of things (after filling out some redundant paperwork that I've filled out four times before, mind you), especially seeing how warm everyone was in welcoming me back! It's now part of my annual ritual to become inordinately paranoid before going in to work on my first day- as if it ever wasn't- and so having a close-knit group of work friends act excited to see me is always comforting... Thanks for tackling me in the lobby, Danielle, I missed you too. :)

The work itself doesn't feel as if it has changed much, but I've definitely forgotten just how tiring it can be to sit, sketch, send for approval, clean up, and upload all day long... I ended up coming home today, collapsing onto the couch and sleeping until seven; at which point I got up, went upstairs, and slept until one. Then I watched the Daily Show, and decided I owed everyone a "first day of work" post on my livejournal. Which you are currently reading! Exciting.

Well, I suppose I should get to sleep as I have work in a few hours, something which I haven't had the pleasure of saying for a good ten months or so. I'll actively be on AIM from about eight in the morning until I leave, so feel free to say hi; I may be slow to respond, but I'm there and always looking for a healthy distraction.

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