July 6th, 2005

stargate :: sci-fi gets hot

Video Games Live. Woot.

This is just a quick post for those of you who both read my lj and are attending the concert at the Hollywood Bowl tonight- I should be getting home around 5 at the latest, so, Madeleine and Lucas, if you could get to my house by then we'd have a safe cushion of time to account for traffic getting down into Hollywood. My mum was also planning on picking up sandwiches of the Subway persuasion for us before the drive down, so call me or catch me on IM before noon-ish today so you can let me know what you want... If not, your sandwich could very well contain a rabid raccoon. I can't guarantee otherwise!

We're all meeting up at the Bowl around six, and- thank the maker for cell phones- I'm sure we'll be able to find eachother well enough! There are a number of activities and such before the actual show, so bring things to be signed if you're into that sort of thing, and wear whatever the hell you want so we can pass ourselves off as a group of "The Sims 2" cosplayers. :)

Oh, and, if anyone's not a fan of personal boundaries and loves the idea of defying rules just for the hell of it, feel free to pile into the box. Hilarity shall ensue.