July 25th, 2005

me :: lake mary

My icon is lush with irrelevance!

...Comics make it much easier to get my point across when I'm short on free time here at work- the point being, this time 'round, that MacDo seems to be spiting me with their Neopets promotion by refusing to give me the one plushie colour I want. I have tons of pinks, yellows, blues... But never green. Thus, I fret. *frets*

Onto bigger and better things, I must apologize for my lack of updates; things have been happening, but none of them seem to be of any particular consequence to anyone who isn't me, and so I've delayed in posting about my numerous escapades with friends. I have since seen two weeks worth of Sci-fi Friday, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and rewatched several episodes of Firefly with- and acquired the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack from- my dear Jon. Life has been good, in more ways than one.

Oh, right- I also saw this dead guy and his dead guy stuff, Tutankhamunsomethingsomething, so I'll post some sketches later. Glee.