August 19th, 2005

me :: lake mary

A Precursor (in which Claire subtly procrastinates)

As evidenced by Adam's reply in my last post I was completely without the means to update after landing in Kaua'i, as I had so blindly promised; the trip was marvelous, and I've been back home and to the mines for the past week. An update post with much visual documentation of the trip is currently in production, and I'll try to make it as entertaining as is possible... Oh, and, if all goes well, this will finally be the catalyst that will get me to start using my photoblog! I'll double-post for a while, but soon enough you'll be able to choose whether or not you want to be subjected to spontaneous photographs of and by Teh Shoomy on a regular basis. Ah, free will, a fine mistress indeed.

A quick question before I run off again- when presented with the word "curator," does one think first of the a) museum or b) library?

Just curious.