September 8th, 2005

me :: lake mary

Accomplished Intarweb Thievery

By covertly transferring the ethernet cable in the Met from one of the iMacs to my powerbook, I can finally access the internet from the comfort of my own screen, if only for a short amount of time- if the Met's wireless network isn't being sucky later tonight, I'll hopefully be able to get on for a bit of AIM and WoW. We shall see.

To flesh out my previous post a small bit, I got in to Providence on Monday morning and have since been residing in my new and frighteningly large room; Sarah had already arrived and Kate followed the next day, and we've spent our time bemoaning the lack of internet and setting up the rooms as much as we could... Without livejournal and AIM to distract me, I've been surprisingly productive and have thus finished formatting my many photos of work, Disneyland and Kaua'i, so those'll go up when my connection's a bit more stable.

As an aside, maker, I've missed the food in Providence. So delicious.

My Middle Egyptian linguistics class at Brown looks promising, as Professor Depuydt is passionate and informed and he wrote the textbook and he's just downright silly... Jokes concerning drawing hieroglyphs were made. Claire was notably happy about this. I still feel a bit odd being the only risd student in the class, but everyone else seems nice enough that I'm sure I'll open up a bit after a few classes. We shall see!

By the by, new lj icons. *points* See? Less internet makes for a very productive Shoomy!