September 27th, 2005

me :: lake mary

A Modern Arcadia!

Despite the fact that the novel alluded to in the subject line- The Blithedale Romance- is proving to be a rather uninteresting read for my Lit class, I do, indeed, share the sentiment- life has been amazing, and I've been too busy appreciating it to find time to post. Classes have been swell on many counts, as I feel as if I'm actually (gasp!) learning things from all three of my studio professors and the assignments have been challenging yet simultaneously interesting- I'm hard pressed to find reason to disagree with homework that calls for me to draw up character sheets for characters from a Poe short story. :)

Middle Egyptian is intriguing as usual, and we've just begun to move on from the hieroglyphs themselves and into the language... This is probably a good thing, as staying up until 4 in the morning studying makes little drawings of birds and penises and stylized courtyards much funnier than they have any right to be.

I've finally gotten around to scanning my Myst IV journals, so once I get everything organized I'll have a site hosted on m01ety's domain for everyone to check out. On the subject of Myst in general, I'm also now a team member on the MC forums (if this means anything to any of you), and that- in conjunction with the fact that, zomg, my own copy of Myst V is sitting in the kitchen as I type this- has charged me up with enough happiness to last the month. Probably longer.

Also, a quick note that my weekends spent with m01ety will go down in history as some of the bestest weekends EVAR. Next? We take the Boston Firefly fanbase by storm.

It's now taking every shred of will power within me to keep from shoving the Myst V DVD into my dear powerbook, so I should probably go eat and... Do things that need to be done beforehand.

*happy Bahro noises*