October 4th, 2005

me :: lake mary

Death by Nosebleed

I walked into the restroom of the Carr Haus today to find a box of blue gloves sitting suspiciously on the window sill, though there were no Operatives nearby to claim them. Acting as any sane Browncoat would, I prompty stole several and ran off to take angsty, River-esque photos of myself for an icon. This is a good day.

me :: lake mary

Middle Egyptian Bahroglyphs 301

It's always weird when your academic and recreational activities begin to overlap, but I'm not complaining.

Classes are still going strong, but I had a chance to take a long break over the weekend and forget about homework for a while, which I'm eternally grateful for. I met up with Teh Adam in Boston for an opening night showing of Serenity, cried like a baby for any number of reasons, and spent the night watching Family Guy and playing Uru and Not Sleeping Very Much At All, now that I think about it. I went back to Providence the next day and took it upon myself to finally get into playing Myst V, though I ended up collapsing onto my bed at some point out of sheer exhaustion. This was unfortunate as all of my friends (and I...?) were planning on having a potluck dinner that night in our suite, so I missed out on Beth's delicious, delicious beans. I did, however, eat more than my fair share of twice-baked potatoes and cake, so I managed. :)

Sunday and Monday were equally full of Claire-friendly stuff, including cookies at the Carr Haus with Mary & Josh and more Myst and packages and some unexpectedly delicious soup. Mmmrr. Now, I'm sitting around staining a small wooden cutting board on which I burned the symbol of The Grower and stretching a canvas for my painting homework.

Stretching a canvas makes everything better. No matter how confused or irritated or downtrodden I may be, stapling canvas over a wooden frame is just satisfying enough to distract me from it all. Mmm.