October 15th, 2005

me :: lake mary

Only 'cause Minella wanted me to post more, I SWEAR.

This week has been harrowing as studio work slowly began to accumulate and free time in which to finish it didn't, but I've managed to make it through 'till Friday evening- that is, Saturday morning- and am all the better because of it. My studios, as I've said, are satisfyingly productive and, as trying as it can be to finish homework on time, it's worth it in the long run... I have, for instance, finished my in-class limited palette oil painting and am quite proud of it:

Damn, that's a fine skull, if I do say so myself. Ahem.

After class, I made an excursion out to get soup at Hemenway's with Mary and drop her off at the ID studios, only to find that it was pouring rain outside when I had to walk back and I thus returned to my room freezing and soaked to the bone. This was unpleasant, admittedly, and my already dampened spirits were dampened further (and more literally, of course), but I hadn't yet opened up my new scanner that had arrived the previous day and decided that instruction manuals and plugs would help distract my mind and make for a much more contented Shoomy. The manual turned out to be somewhat subpar and altogether idiot-proof (how dull), but the scanner itself was adorable, and I took photos of us together as I was slowly going Crazy From Rain and Class and Essays and Exams That I Slept Through and everything.

...And it's not all looks, either- this thing has speed. I am in love.

Kate unfortunately walked in on me slowly going insane, and suggested that I get outside and go hunt down some ice cream with her, Casey and Beth. Feeling spontaneous and suddenly realizing that yes, I did need to stop introducing Ms. Scanner to Mr. Gamsol (the instructions said not to let any alchohol near the scanner, but they wanted to be friends!) and get out, I threw on my jacket and we ran over to 7/11 to get foodstuffs.

The rain was dreadful but oddly fun considering the company I had, and our trip- although brief- was both refreshing and fruitful. Ice cream was purchased, so we headed back and managed to lure Josh out of his room with Half Baked deliciousness. Gasp, a good photo of Josh...! *discreetly sends to the girlfriend*

So, after such shenanigans and goings-on, I've been cleaning diligently and pondering what to do with my weekend. Oh, and I spilled a cup of semi-diluted artist's ink down the wall and, ironically, into my printer. Hilarity ensued. :)