November 24th, 2005

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For those interested in attending the Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars exhibit this weekend, I'm going to suggest we aim for getting tickets on Saturday morning; there are a good lot of tickets left in the 10-12 slots (save for 11:00, for some odd reason), so if anyone has any preference, feel free to speak up! I'd prefer earlier, seeing how I have a plane to catch later in the evening, but I'm pretty flexible.

Tickets can be purchased at the FIDM website for $5.00, so once we decide on a time frame it shouldn't be too difficult for all of us to acquire our means of admission. Oh, and, who's actually coming? A final count would probably be good, so we can figure out transportation and other such fun.

Much love, happy thanksgiving, and I promise to update on my life when I'm not at a family gathering stealing wireless from the neighbors. :D