December 2nd, 2005

me :: lake mary


I just spent the night writing out a fifty-sentence short story for Egyptian, and I figured it'd be worth posting- I'll post the translation some time tomorrow when I'm somewhat awake, so, in the meantime, have fun trying to figure it out... It gets really heated and bloody once the little jumping fish glyph starts showing up around the bottom of page 2. :D

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me :: lake mary

Meneh Mutef

Alright- for those interested, here’s the full transcription & English translation for the text I wrote:

Hefah’u Nishu. Iwef em Kemet. Iu hutef metah her sebah’u. Ah’u wahd mi mu djet en Nishu. Nen wen ahtufu. Iwef hetef mi kii hefah’u neb. Niptah pu ren en henemes Nishu. Meseh pu. Hedj hahs mi dju. Bener si mi dahbu nefer. Irites pu meket en Nishu. Ah’ah si er Nishu. Nehet si er Nishu. Iu pef heru Nishu Niptah in iteru. Wer neser en ra. Iner mi djesu nedjesu her sahtu. Nefer mi hedj mu em iteru. Iu remu in meriit. Iu huwt-necher imi-bah hahsen. Ah’u huwt-necher ersen. Iu nehut reshemu henet huwt-necher. Iw senet en Nishu Feti in huwt-necher. Ibes ah’u hefetsen. Merutes merut en Nishu. Iw hefeti en Nishu Set her nehet. Wahb bin en igeret pu Set. Iu Set henet haht. Kefut em haht. Haht pu en henemes Nishu Butesh. Set em senef en haht. Ib senefi en Butesh em er en Set. Semahnef Butesh. Niptah henet Nishu. Mkt en bw neb pu Niptah. Semahnes Set. St pw wehah wehah’u. Meneh mutef. Iuf em imehet. Niptah pw qen qenu! Nishu hefet henemesu. Ah’u ib Nishu.

Nishu is a snake. He is in Egypt. His dwelling is in the earth and under the stars. Nishu’s body is long and green like water. He does not have limbs. He is on his belly like every other snake. Nishu’s friend is named Niptah. She is a crocodile. Her flesh is white like the mountains. She is sweet like good figs. Her duty is the protection of Nishu. She is larger than Nishu. She is stronger than Nishu. That day, Nishu & Niptah are by the river. The flames of the sun are great. The rocks on the ground are like little knives. The water in the river is beautiful like silver. There are fish by the shore. There is an ancient temple behind them. The temple is taller than them. Sycamores and statues are in front of the temple. Nishu’s sister, Feti, is by the temple. She is happy in their presence. Her love is Nishu’s love. Set, Nishu’s enemy, is under a sycamore tree. Set is a bad priest of the necropolis. Set is in front of a corpse. There are gashes in the corpse. It is the corpse of Nishu’s friend, Butesh. Set is in the blood of the corpse. The bloody heart of Butesh is in Set’s mouth. Set killed Butesh. Niptah is in front of Nishu. Niptah is everyone’s protection. Niptah killed Set. Set is the most foolish of fools. His death is efficient. He is in the netherworld. Niptah is a hero among heroes! Nishu is among friends. Nishu is happy.