January 1st, 2006

me :: lake mary


I spent New Year's Eve at the house avorpalllama was sitting... Sitting on. House-sitting... For. We (we being catfish42, saitenyo, llamacracy, Tristan Whose lj Username I'm Not Yet Acquainted With, Calarts!Jason and myself) all spent the night watching movies and playing Super Smash Bros, so much merriment was had. Pizza was had too. It was nice having everyone together in one place, and, if all goes well, there'll be more of the same at Chelsea's tonight for the Star Wars-tastic marathon, the one which I meant to head over to early so I could watch some more Lost. Crap. I'm late.

Anyway, yeah- Happy New Year, I promise some more relevant posts in the near future. And by promise I mean not really, but I'd like to, anyway.


(Oh, and how cool is it that the spheres in my life that are tesseracting and stahlhelm have now intersected and met? That is damned surreal.)