January 21st, 2006

me :: lake mary

I am flying out of ORLY zomglol

I’ve been sitting in our studios here in Pont-Aven trying to decide what to do while downloading missed episodes of Lost over our graciously provided wireless internet connection. Seeing how I haven’t left any online tracks since the 11th (and shallow ones at that), I decided that an lj post is order. It will be sans photos for now seeing how I left my connector cord at our host family’s house, but I’ll post them in due time. They’re full of cathedrals, and, like, lots of... Moss. As of coming to Brittany anyway. Seriously, it’s really green and moist here. Crazy stuff.

Anyway, yes, I’m alive, and things are well! I would have posted earlier, but my adapter block commited hara-kiri in order to save my laptop during an unexpected power surge in Paris; I was left webless until my dad had a new power cord swiftly sent to me from MacFrance, which just arrived this morning. I have spent several hours catching up on webcomics and livejournal and such, and would like to apologize in advance to those parties who went through drama while I was offline- I’m always arouind to offer belated support, hopefully not too late.

So, yes. France. We’ve all been here in Pont-Aven since Monday afternoon; we’re staying with host families at night (Kate and my host parents don’t speak a word of English, but we’re managing surprisingly well), and then spend our days wandering around the village and working up in the studio spaces. After spending so much time rushing about Paris and hurriedly sketching things, the chance to just sit down and work on more finished pieces of art in our own work space is muchly appreciated. We’re working just as hard and are probably getting less sleep, sure, but it’s worth it.

I’m now doing linoleum cuts for the first time in my life, which is quite awesome. I now have a cut of Mr Tumnus which I’m going to put, like, everywhere when I have the chance. It’s really fun. Being in this environment is definitely inspiring, in a weird, undefinable sort of way; my art has improved, I’ve learned new techniques, and I keep getting new ideas from the places I visit and the people I’m spending time with. Mmm-yep.

(Speaking of which, Natalie, Kate, Rohini, Xephyr, Paul and I have become fast friends, and everyone will have to meet them once I get back to risd- though I apologize to Kate for adding another of her kind to the mix, as I apparently love to just make things more complicated. I’m... Already confused. Woo.)

I was going to make this entry longer, but I figure photos will do a better job, so I’m just going to format those instead and... Stuff. Yeah. Eloquence.