January 24th, 2006

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Okay, so there are more photos to go through than I initially expected and I'm slow in formatting them. So's... So's your old man. Yeeeah.

Natalie, Kate and I spent the morning at the open-air market in the place de Pont-Aven; we're planning on heading back to the ancient oak forest we checked out two days back, so we stocked up on fruits and bread and delicious cheeses in anticipation of a picnic spread once we get out there. I'd try to sum how amazing the Bois d'Amour was, but all I can get out is that it's amazingly green and mossy and that the natural course of action for those of us who were there was to make wreaths of ivy and ferns and dance about pretending we were dryads. It was... Pretty awesome. Again, photos are needed, so I'll get right on that. :P

Okay, I'm off to buy a loaf of Brioche, and Natalie wants some more dried pears.