March 2nd, 2006

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I'm going to cheaply try and make up for the fact that I still haven't posted any semblance of a report on my time in France by posting photos from last weekend (little more than proof that I'm alive, or, at least, alive enough to hold a camera). Erica's good friend Randy Milholland (author of Something Positive) came down to visit on Friday, which gave us all an excuse to head out to Cuban Revolution for dinner and then come back to the room to talk about cannibals and bad art and sex and Randy's supply of delicious cookies.

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I'm pretty easily won over by cookies and the promise of future baked goods, but Randy was pretty damned awesome anyway and slipped comfortably into the group's dynamic. Erica chooses her friends well.

Saturday also marked the Creature Creations show for this year, which went off surprisingly well even with Erminio's hurried requests for us to do inhuman feats of editing at the last minute (computers just... Don't work that way). I worked the light and sound booth with Josh as I needed to control the video and credits footage, and it felt all warm and fuzzy inside to be involved with the class even though I wasn't actually in it this wintersession. All of the creatures were gorgeous, the kids themselves awesome (Nick was wearing suspenders and an antique Romanian pitol strapped to his belt for the entire performance)... Yeah.

Huh, it's still snowing.