March 26th, 2006

me :: lake mary

Dysposyd to Crafft Mechanycalle

Kate, Andrew, Nick and I spent Friday night compiling our various collections of props and costumes up at the freshman quad so as to have a pleasantly steampunky photoshoot- I had been having a relatively distressing week up to that point (I'm quite sure we were all rather out of it), and so the chance to act undeniably geeky was a refreshing escape... To just play dress-up and act like I have a zeppelin parked out back. We got together again this morning for eggies-in-a-basket and some Battlestar (which was equally relaxing, as any show full of death and tragedy should be), and I've spent the hours afterwards attempting to sleep and, eventually, giving up and turning photos from the shoot into daguerreotypes:

...I'm planning on posting more of these all fancified at a later point, but feel free to check out the original shots in the meantime, if it do ya kin'.

Once I get past the distraction that good Photoshop work always provides, I'm unfortunately in another one of my self-depricating funks as I'm quite sure Kate and Andrew could attest. I've developed an uncanny talent for convincing myself that people I've gotten to know recently are sick the the teeth of me, and so after spending time with such friends I just end up curling into a ball on my bed and feeling guilty for the weirdest things.. It's a damned vicious cycle, and it's been making me pace around the suite snarling like a werewolf at nothing in particular. An unpleasant feeling, to say the least.