June 2nd, 2006

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I've actually been back in the LA area since yesterday afternoon, but the above illustration was accurate at the time and pretty indicative of my giddy state of mind, so, well, I figured I'd grace my lj's facade with it.

The folklife festival up in Seattle was wonderful as usual, and I've come out of it with a new hat which is always a good thing. I felt annoyingly inactive on the drive down (save the muchly needed stops in the Redwoods), but I did manage to addict Maddy to Perdido Street Station while I myself finished reading The Scar, both by China Miéville, and am now seeking out Iron Council out of some masochistic attatchment to his books. So very gritty and depressing, and yet so very good. Gah.

Being back in LA has been odd, if only because seeing Andrew in this context still seems a bit silly; I went over to his house for In N' Out and Battlestar yesterday, which was perfectly marvelous, but I now officially have a risd-LA venn diagram of my life that I haven't quite settled into yet. Still miss risd, of course- can't stop thinking about it, more this year than last.

Went out to see the Da Vinci Code with my parents, the three of us going out of sheer obligation more than anything, knowing that we'd have to talk about it at some point. Yeah, it was pretty horrible, though the line "Quick, I need to get to a library" goes over so well when read with a real sense of haste. I need that on a t-shirt.

Photos soon,