July 24th, 2006

stargate :: sci-fi gets hot

If I see any more Naruto headbands, I am going to PUNCH THEM.

So yes, to elaborate on the visual aid- as I was standing in the Professional registration line to get my badge, the man in front of me was told that he should be signing up as an Exhibitor and turned around only to be none other than Joss Whedon! My mouth was quite literally agape, but luckily enough I gathered myself together quickly enough to let him know that I loved his work, introduce myself (as his encouragement), and to find out that he liked my outfit. Oh, Comic-Con- it's as if my fandoms and internets are all compressed into (how did Tristan put it?) some 525,701 square feet of pure bliss. Num.

Met up with tesseracting and stahlhelm as planned, and finally had a chance to pick up Annie's Run Robot Red and Snakes on a Game. Reagan pointed me over to where ursulav was sitting at the Sofawolf press table, at which point I ran into so... So damn many faces I knew online. They exist! It's amazing. Met Pierre Alary on the last day (as the con was closing shop, in fact), the writer and artist for the French comic Belladone; we did a quick art trade, and hearing that he thought what I had drawn was beautiful definitely brightened my day.

I can't even begin to sum up how much fun each of the panels I went to were, save to say that the topics of Brokeback Galactica and that everyone on the Atlantis cast seems to be sleeping with David Hewlett came up multiple times. Each panel seemed very keen on skirting topics and relevant questions, but in a manner that was so darn cute that no one really cared that we found out next to nothing about Season 3 of Lost. The Adult Swim panel was sort of split, simply because I'm not a fan of every show they featured, but it was worth in for the Venture Brothers and Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Film for Cinemas clips. :) Oh, and it was also right before that planel that I spent my time in line chatting with JoeBot 2.0 from The Phenomenauts, which is hardly something to complain about. I can never thank Andrew enough for introducing me to them- after their joint concert with the Aquabats on Friday (After which I was convered in far more teenage ska boy sweat than I would ever openly admit. Ew.), I can completely understand why he's so devoted.

So yes- it was a very good con, I came out of it with much free and bought swag, and I'm still exhausted. Rarr.

More updates on other things later,