August 22nd, 2006

stargate :: sci-fi gets hot


As I found out through saitenyo, Stargate SG-1 has finally kicked the bucket. Though I admit a twinge of initial, terrible sadness, I've been hoping they'd put the poor thing to sleep for the past few seasons. The actors are all still hilarious and smexy (Ben Browder has yet to win my heart. He's trying, though.), but the plots kept running into the ground and, dammit, the Ori were boring and just shy of being redundant as wannabe follow-ups to the Goa'uld. The creators claimed what made them threatening was the fact that they were "unseen," in the initial tradition of the Reavers, but that fell flat considering that you couldn't get rid of the Ori Priors... Breathing on your neck everywhere you went. Urgh.

Anyway! In other news, spent Saturday at Disneyland with stahlhelm, tesseracting, and dracowayfarer and had an amazing time. Annie and I were done up as pirates (Annie + Claire's hat = frakkin' adorable), so having cast members ask if I worked there was fun and I think I thrilled some small children. Indiana Jones was as wonderful as ever (dracuwayfarer's first time!), and Pirates was... Different? And such. Respecting the trend on the ride itself, I've taken to the habit of saying "Jack Sparrow" after every damn sentence. Despite the hundreds of animatronics on the ride, you seem to get the impression that there was only one pirate in the Caribbean that anyone actually cared about. It's a big place, really, you'd think the opposite would be true.

Photos here, thanks to dracowayfarer, who is officially a new friend/seatmate/person who I am in debt to because they got me the PotC Redhead pin I was pining for. Hugs and rum to you, dear sir! :D

Oh, right, I'm at work.