December 10th, 2006

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It's been a while since my last relevant post- at least before Thanksgiving, if I'm not mistaken- and so I'm doing this just to prove that I haven't been rendered null and void by my finals and am, in fact, still standing despite it all. Most things are out of the way, but the fact that I'm balancing a heavy Warcraft commission with tying off all of my various final-related threads isn't proving to be too much fun... I hate delaying opening up commissions like I have, but I supppose it is better than lying about it all and maintaining a huge backlog of work on top of everything else. Anyway.

Went in for an interview with Turbine on Thursday, which was fun and promising; one of my professors had steered me towards an internship there for Wintersession, so, if all works out well, I'll be working there for a period of time. It looks awesome, the people are of the ever-comforting geeky persuasion, and who knows? It may lead to more. It's a great foot in the door of the gaming industry, if anything.

Finished reading The Big Over Easy and The Fourth Bear today, both of which were wonderful as Fforde's work tends to be. I'm also reading 1776, Sex and the Eighteenth-Century Man, and several others- I think I'm slowly making up for the fact that I've had a huge list of books I've been meaning to read for the past year or so, which is comforting.

I'll post work whenever I next can- I have a lot, which is good, but I also don't have the patience to sit down and scan it all. But I will.