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Shoom'lah Timete

Fear the Death Lizard...!

How exactly do you fit a baroque in a Samwise Gamgee...?
me :: lake mary
Okay, I admit it- this made me laugh. Obtained by way of the lovely thornwolf, so blame her.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, shoomlah sent to me...
Twelve capybaras drumming
Eleven animorphs piping
Ten animals a-leaping
Nine macs dancing
Eight wombats a-milking
Seven snivellus a-swimming
Six foodses a-drawing
Five ma-a-a-arabou storks
Four witless worms
Three baskin robbins
Two michael shanks
...and a baroque in a samwise gamgee.
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...Oh, and I'm back in LA. I've got my puppy, life is good. :)