March 3rd, 2007

me :: lake mary

"I don't concern myself with Cylons- I just throw them out of airlocks."

I spent a greater part of tonight staring at Mary McDonnell (the woman who portrays President Laura Roslin so perfectly on Battlestar Galactica), and at least a few minutes of it holding hands with her and hoping desperately that I wasn't making a complete fool of myself as I elaborated on just how enamored I was with her and her work.

To add some context, Kate, Andrew, Adam and myself met up at Brown earlier tonight for a special lecture and panel on the cult phenomenon that is the re-imagined BSG. Other than the fact that there wasn't a raptor parked outside the building waiting to take her back to Colonial One, it was almost eerie to see Mary in person and realize just how much she embodies her character and vice versa. She looks the part, she dresses the part, and she has cutting wit and intelligence that more than match her fictional counterpart. It was very tempting to just sit back during the entire thing and pretend that she was our President and that, other than the whole Cylon threat thing, everything was going to be okay because she was there. Because she was Roslin.

The panel in and of itself was amazing; the professors and students from Brown who spoke brought up aspects of the show that I had never even considered before, and touched on issues- including queer representation in BSG or the lack thereof- that I myself held close to my heart. There were a few less-than-stellar questions from the audience, but in general the room was so thick with intellectual, dedicated geekiness that you could cut it with a knife. It was encouraging. :)

Mary spoke a lot on her character and where's she's going- or, at least, where's she's trying to push her character. Considering how much give and take there is between her as an actor and her as a fictional character, she was extremely well-versed in the nuances of how Roslin would react to situations around her and consequently was trying to make sure the writers weren't making her do things that she wouldn't ever do. As much as I'd love to watch Laura and Bill spontaneously make out in upcoming episodes, I was extremely impressed to hear her take on the relationship- how any emotional connection like that, let alone sexual, would completely throw off Laura's focus and what was important to her. That was very interesting to hear.

Anyway, yeah. It was marvelous, and the woman's even more beautiful and radiant in person. The temptation to kidnap her was overwhelming, but I suppose that's for another day.