March 13th, 2007

me :: GIDDY

Understanding Scott McCloud

Kate, Erica, PeterAwesomePeter and myself went up to a Q&A Scott McCloud was giving at risd today- it wasn't a lecture so much as it was him standing around and waxing on about his experience in (and opinions concerning) the comics industry, which was infinitely entertaining and informative. The man's brilliant, and, considering that his youngest daughter, Winter, spent the entire time giving a running commentary and wrapping pipe cleaner scultures around his arm, it seems like he makes one hell of a husband and father as well.

We waited around for the crowd to dwindle after he was finished, and ended up sitting with Scott and his daughters for a good hour and a half. Winter asked if anyone played Neopets, which spiraled into a barrage of questions when I told her that I had worked for them for the past six summers... Winter loves Neopets, and Sky loves Jason Dohring- the son of the previous CEO of Neopets- and so we had a lot to talk about. Smart girls, and a blast to talk to.

Scott and I chatted about my connections with Flight and all the other weird coincidences that had cropped up in my life as of late, and he was amazingly encouraging about everything- I feel imbued with some degree of confidence now, which is nice, but it also means I have little to no motivation to finish up my Artistic Anatomy homework over the next few hours. :)

warcraft :: whitemane WHUT

My pants- they stay up....!

It was brought up recently that I own belt buckles but do not, in fact, own any belts- this also means that I'm not privvy to their tendency to keep pants up, which is amazing, and so I went out of my way to buy one:

...The fact that it only says "WORLD WARCRAFT" makes it all the more Asian and awesome.