April 28th, 2007

me :: WHUT NO

I... What...?

So I finally had a chance to check out Neopets 2.0. Granted, I have no qualms with the cleaner layout and navigation, but the results of attempting to make all of the pets customizeable? Utter crap. It's not that I mind my art being redrawn, I just mind seeing my art redrawn as sad bastardizations of what it used to be, sacrificing form and style simply to fit into a template so that my Darigan Bori can wear a hat. I had seen the Tyrannian Ixi and cringed a little, but I didn't think so far as to assume that everything would look crappier in conversion.

I can't quite say that "exciting" is the word that comes to mind... Thank god they give you the option to maintain the old art.
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