August 2nd, 2007

warcraft :: whitemane WHUT

More work?

S'more commissions for my coworkers, the first done in a rush to get it finished before Blizzcon. I really should post more art, I know- considering how much sketchbook I go through, you think I'd be able to put up a few sketches each day. Aaanyway.

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me :: pirate

The 'Nether' Jokes Will Flow Like Nectar

So, come the end of August, I'm off to London and the Netherlands for a week. My dad has businessworkbusiness to get done out there for Dalsa (a convention in Amsterdam if I'm not mistaken) so... Yes! Netherlands. It sounds like fun.

I suppose this post was intended to be a sort of plea to those of you who can suggest things to do in Amsterdam, or who happen to live there, out of sheer curiosity. Talk amongst yourselves.