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Shoom'lah Timete

Fear the Death Lizard...!

We're goin' on a photo safariiiii!!!
me :: GIDDY

Buzz and Crack-Eyed Woody want to take us on an INTERGALACTIC TOUR of the latest off-model crap in the Disney Store. Care to join us?
To Utter Crap... And Beyond!Collapse )

OHOHOHOH now wasn't that fun? I know I can't wait to purchase more of their fine merchandise.
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Mission, whoa.
me :: lake mary
Went to the Phenomenauts/Aquabats concert last weekend, and had a pretty SUPERAD time, ifyouknowwhatimean. Quick photo of us lookin' all snazzified beforehand behind the cut.Collapse )

Way too many steel-toed boots to the head, ya dang crowd-surfing ska kids. PLease take into account the people around you before I have Kate bite your stomach again. Hung out with the 'Nauts afterwards, which then led to chatting up and taking a totally awesome photo with the MC Bat Commander:

It was good times.