September 9th, 2007

me :: content/happy

Slagroom is delicious, despite its name.

Oooh, I like the Netherlands.

Got free Neopets crap at Kruidvat! Cannot escape the website anywhere I go here. Kinda scary.

Ate out at The Five Flies restaurant one of the first nights and have never had vegetarian cusine so good... Or vegetarian cuisine in a house from the 15th century, for that matter. Was a six course tasting menu- must take Maddy there at some point.

The Artis complex in Amsterdam (short for Natura Artis Magistra, "Nature is the teacher of Art") is a totally sweet zoo, spent my entire Wednesday there. Don't know what it is about the Dutch air that makes the animals so damn happy, but they are. Their Geological museum was empty, so I ran through it with my camera taking stupid photos of myself behind ammonites because I could. Occassionally made dinosaur hands and roared a bit until a family came in and I composed myself as quickly as I could. Totally worth it.

Settling buildings make for drawings that simultaneously look like they have really good and yet really bad perspective. It's wacky.

A group of guys sitting at a café gave me a little goedemorgen as I walked by and winked, which made my day. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy after getting sick.

Got a new leather flight jacket and a yellow scarf the colour of sunflowers. It’s awesome. Never thought the colour would work on me.

Visited my dad at the IBC conference- the whole reason for us being here- and hunted for some sort of blatant IBC root beer sponsorship but found none. The camera industry seems to shy away from puns, something which I find to be extremely sad, but luckily my dad's coworkers at Dalsa are of the opposite opinion and we spent the entire time coming up with frighteningly witty taglines and mascots for the new 4K camera.

Dalsa employees took me out to the Red Light District and drinks (I had guava juice) after dinner last night. Occassionally considered what it meant for them to be taking out their boss’ daughter to browse window prostitution, but shrugged it off and stayed up unto 3 anyway.

Find it more and more difficult to cope with indoor smoking and hope London will be a City on a Hill to the rest of Europe... This gorram cough is persisting far longer than it should.

Trained in to Utrecht today, am proud to say that I now associate the art store with the village, as opposed to the other away around. Was hoping that slathering mayonnaise on everything was some traditionally Amsterdam way of life, and was sorely disappointed to find it more widespread than expected. I love a good fry-cone as much as the next man, but does one have to put a large dallop of mayo the size of a FIST on top of it? Way to ruin the goods, guys.

I really like canals. Am now going to refer to the Providence river as a canal and just pretend that I’ve somehow missed the adjoining ones.