December 10th, 2007

me :: lake mary

In Which Claire Pretends That She's Billed next to Bing Crosby

Slowly recovering from our Christmas shindig last night; how we managed to fit twenty-something people into our suite (let alone our room), I'll never know. Lia and I picked up a tree last Monday and festooned it with appropriately neo-Victorian decor, which definitely marks one of my more agressively festive holiday seasons here at risd. I've stolen poinsettias from the mall and evergreen garlands from Benefit street in previous years, sure, but I've never gone so far as to actually get myself a tree- this is definitely a landmark. I bought a tree. All on my own. I'M AN ADULT NOW.

We held a Secret Santa/buy gifts for whomever the hell you want, which went well; we set a price limit, but I'm pretty sure everyone disregarded it and just bought whatever they deemed fit. Nick got me a copy of Spectrum 14 (which is novel in that I know some of the people contained within, and in that it is an impressive compendium of both the exceedingly mediocre and incredibly outstanding extremes of the field of Illustration), and Andrew got me a set of stemless black glass wine glasses, out of which I plan to drink exorbitant amounts of apple cider. I also stayed up the night before sewing a late-40's dress which I trimmed with faux fur (as seen in my new icon)- I practically threw on the hem, so I'll definitely rip it up a bit and redo the sewing once I'm back home, but it's only little things that I can see:

...It was a good time.