June 3rd, 2008

Disneyland :: Frontierland

As you can probably tell, I really want to go to Disneyland.

HAY GUYS I'm back in LA so we should hang out. Am currently in that uncomfortable interim period where I've graduated from college but am still hearing back from companies and so can't yet plan my living situation. Awkward. Disney gave themselves two weeks more time, which is tough considering that I'm finagling things Harmonix and Microsoft and don't want to wait too long on this job stuff, but I'm sure I'll survive.

Chelsea/Maddy- have some cool stuff on TiVo we should watch involving William Shatner and Hugh Laurie. Also a neat Pixar documentary? I dunno, I'm just trying to lure you to my house I guess.

I've been pining for Disneyland somethin' awful as of late- I wrote my final for my Westerns class on Frontierland, and the research wasn't helping my withdrawal. Also, Indy music just makes me want to go stare into the Eye of the Idol. I need to see that film again and actually determine how I felt about it- I thought it was far from perfect but had a damn good time watching it, and want to make sure it wasn't just because I was dressed as a greaser and running off some sort of opening night buzz. We'll see.

From what I can tell, I'm already in love with PA's Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. Should sleep and resist playing.