June 6th, 2008

myst :: sirrus

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Urgh, the whole Myst the Motion Picture stuff annoys me just because I've been waiting for over half of my life to make a Myst movie and don't want the opportunity to be swept out from under me. I have no doubt that these guys have the passion for just such a project, but that they started planning it behind the community's back and with such self-proclaimed officiousness sort of irks me.

The Myst community is one of the more nurturing and dedicated fandoms I've come across, and so I feel that, if this is to be a fan project, then input from other fans should be a huge part of the process. Maybe I'm just being selfish, having always hoped that I'd be able to jump on board this sort of thing, but the way it's being approached just... Makes me uncomfortable. Maybe I'll be proven wrong once they start releasing more materials, but they have yet to win me over.