June 12th, 2008

me :: WHUT NO


Aaaaaah, so I think it went well. They are all super nice and cool, which as a phrase does little or no justice to just how nice and cool they all are. It was five straight interviews, with a ton of difficult but impressive questions, and so now I'm completely beat. Wohba.

Also, holy heck, the first person I met with was Doug McBride. That was surreal. I kept looking at his name, wondering where I recognized it from, and then he casually mentioned that he worked at Cyan. Oh, right- it all suddenly clicked. I, of course, took until then to notice the overtly framed shot of Teledahn on his wall.

...I mentioned that I adored Myst, and he said Oh He Knew, He Recognized My Name and I just about lost it.