July 16th, 2008

me :: lake mary

Life Is So Hard.

So, Andrew and I are going as the T-1000 and Sarah Connor, respectively, to Comic-Con this year. Thusly, we're gonna go fully-garbed to the Terminator movie panel on Saturday. Still trying to decide whether or not I ask a question in character about why they're making light of Skynet and Judgement Day when it is a REAL AND SERIOUS THREAT to the future of mankind, but anyway.

There's a steampunk meetup on Saturday as well, and, as I didn't have a chance to show off my new corset at the Labyrinth ball since I was otherwise engaged, I wanted to wear it to Comic-Con. Do I take off Sarah Connor and throw on the corset for that mere hour, or do I just say To Hell With It All and wear the corset on Friday?