September 14th, 2008

me :: lake mary

Smart Daddies Get Spliced at the Garden!™

I've been Mac-based and sans console for my entire life, and so getting myself an Xbox a week ago was a huge step and change of pace me. I'm feeling far more in touch with the world of gaming in general, which is good considering that I work at a games studio, and am simultaneously really glad I didn't do this at school as the conflicting interests of video games and life responsibilities would have strangled me.

So yes, I'm late to the wagon, but Bioshock is currently consuming my life in a manner only comparable to Riven. My biggest game experience in recent years has been WoW, and I can't even put into words how exhilarating it is to sit down and play an engaging FPS after chugging along so slowly and steadily in Azeroth. I apologize for being redundant with every other person out there who's even peripherally acquainted with the game, but Bioshock is just GUHMAZING. I can't think of anything else. It's paleo-futuristic mid-century lore with a post-apocalyptic horror twist and it is frakking well-done. What more could I ask for? I need more games where a character is humming Cole Porter the moment before he turns and starts hacking at me. Or, well, tries to start hacking at me. Bastard.

I won't ramble on, but suffice to say I'm afraid to turn my lights off at night, I have a gut-wrenching reaction the moment that disk slides into the 360, and, despite it being 6:02 in the morning, I want nothing more than to walk back into the living room and keep playing. Gads.