October 24th, 2008

srs bisness :: changed priorities

Lightsaber Envy

What I have heard of the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic mmorpg worries me greatly. So far as I can tell it abandons everything the Jedi are fundamentally about, and not so subtly bastardizes the order's basics fundamentals so as to adhere to modern, mainstream game mechanics. It is this quote, specifically, that makes me stop and think:

"It's very important for us to show the [mindset of] 'I've been playing this game for 70 hours, so I should look cooler than that guy. We don't want you to look like junk when you start, but we want you to look awesome after you've been playing for awhile."

Granted, I cannot claim to understand the innerworkings of the Jedi faith some several thousand years before A New Hope, nor can I figure out how to market a game in which leveling has little to no impact on your external appearance, but really? Jedi clamoring to get their tier 4 robe sets? I can understand Sith donning elaborate getups for the purpose of intimidation, sure, but last I checked the Jedi were a relatively Franciscan bunch of people who all, well, looked alike. So long as we ignore the sudden upsurge of these folks in recent years, anyway. The whole foundaiton of the faith seems to be a humble existence, free of material trappings, and it cheapens it to thrust it into the MMO context without taking that into account. If they stick to increasingly better quality armor, fine- the Jedi wore armor during the Sith Wars and so I suppose it's canonical, even if they only wore it during large scale land battles. I just hope it doesn't extend far beyond that. Seriously, I'd love if upgrades were slightly less course fabrics. What the heck, you're a master now- spoil yourself a little! And then you'd go fight a Sith with spikes on top of spikes, and utterly kick his ass.

Also, let's not get me started on the absurdity of lightsabers that get bigger as you get stronger. Come on.