November 7th, 2008

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The current blame game being played against black voters in California over Prop 8 is getting absolutely stupid, and I'm far too pissed to write anything that other people haven't said far more eloquently. The fact that the passage of a bill stripping people of their rights has resulted in a wave of severe racism apparently hidden just beneath the surface is... Infuriating. red_eft's post is a good read and the post on Pam's House Blend has a ton of good points. I hate to add to the chain of Blogs Linking To Other Blogs, but this needs to be dealt with now.

Prop 8 is a travesty and I'm not going to stop fighting it until its dying breath, but reacting to homophobia with racism is not a path we need to be going down. Research the issue, don't jump to conclusions, and lets take the higher road to beat this thing. Also, again, to reiterate, man those ads for Prop 8 are inane. So saddened that those got through to people.

Edit: Oh, yeah, and John Stewart joked about this whole shebang on last night's Daily Show. I can see the idea solidifying in the communal consciousness already. Dammit John, I love you, but... Ugh.