November 16th, 2008

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So I have been approached rather frequently as of late about whether I have released, or have plans to</e> release, an artbook or sketchbook. The answer to this is I have not yet, but I do plan on releasing one eventually. The primary question on my part is what this sketchbook would contain, exactly, and so I'm throwing that out there to you guys to see what you'd be interested in owning. Here's the general breakdown of options, let me know what you think:

- color, B&W, or both?
- work you've seen before, sketches for work you've seen before, or entirely new work heretofore unbeknownst to the world of man? That meaning I either draw new stuff, or I scour my years of sketchbooks for all the stuff that hasn't seen the light of day.
- how long, and how much? Obviously, the longer and more elaborate the project becomes, the more it evolves beyond a mere sketchbook.

Also, any suggestions for who to print through are greatly appreciated- I know I inquired about this a few months back, but I'm forgetful, and Erika warned me away from Lulu and I am inclined to take her advice, so here we are!


(A final note, since it came up in a sort of roundabout way on DA, but yes I do want to do a pinup book at some point, though this will not be it. I draw pinups because, gosh darn it, I really enjoy drawing sexy ladies of all sorts. I do not draw them solely for profit or to assist in other people's private doings.)