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Thought I'd finish up my vacation report...

...So, I give you, vacation (cont'd). Aren't you excited? I thought as much.

visited some Liberal Arts school off in whatever part of New York isn't Manhattan, the aptly named SUNY-Purchase (That's soony, thanks)- it's a State University of New York located in Purchase. Thrill. It was rather dull, ad the fact that it was across the street from the PepsiCo headquarters was quite the turnoff. I need the real thing, Coke® it is.

Driving back we 'ran into' Dad's old Christian Science boarding school along some twisty road... Man, I wish my school was that pretty. Sadly enough it's a Japanese school now, but it's still fun to check out dad's old haunting grounds from back when he was a crazy, deviant teenager, blasting his stereo down into his floor over the Dean's office. Good times, good times.

Then we ate stuff. From then on, I have no idea what happened. Hm.

Tuesday we went to Pratt (art school) in Brooklyn. My mother freaked out n the ride over about my portfolio, as she had apparently gone to the trouble of convincing herself that this was a formal interview... Riiight. The interview took no time, the campus was interesting and art-like. Man, I really don't want to write right now, do I? Pratt had cats on the campus. I was happy. Because of cats. And good curiculum.

We walked to a library to look at an exhibit on Natural History Illusrations, and then walked back to the hotel which was invigoration.

Oh, yeah- I saw a Franciscan monk! Woo! He was wearing army boots and cargo pants, and then a jacket over his robes. It was awesome.

We checked out the School of Visual Arts on Wednesday, which is my current favourite in terms of art schools we've visited. The tour was comprehensive, and the interview was awesome. I sat with the admissions guy for about an hour, and we really looked through my work, commenting on each one and ocassionally trailing off into tangent topics before returning to the portfolio. We talked about some pretty interesting stuff, and I had a wonderful time... I'm definitely considering it as a college choice at the moment.

We took a Taxi over to Brooklyn afterwards, so I could stop by the Brooklyn Museum of Art- only recently opened- and check out a new Egyptian exhibit that had premiered within the past week. The pieces were awesome, and they had a good chunk of Amarna art of Akhenaten and Nefertiti and such. Great set up, showing the shift in Egyptian art from the pre-dynastic period on into the new kingdom- it's amazingly drastic, and beauuutiful! I must go back now... Mwahaha.

We saw Hairspray Wednesday night, with my cousin Amanda and the gang. It was stunning really, and I'd adore seeing it again... The music and art direction is brilliant, and the moral themes concerning lookism and racism were invigorating, and rather sweet. My shoes are currently pinted with hairspray motifs to match. Go me!

Thursday was plane ride over to Principia, my parents' old CS college from way back when. I was, sincerely, dreading it at first, but it turned out to be a much cooler trip than I ever would've expected. I arrived early, and met up with some other visitors at the baggage claim- Tyler and Evan. They were great, and Evan especially; he liked Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Eddie Izzard, all the good stuff... Friendship blossoms! We talked during the entire van ride up to Elsah (the college's town, made up of methinks two people...), chatting about Magic and DDR and stuff... In fact, one of the guys in the van was the fifth best DDR player in the nation. Impressive, to say the least!

I met up with everyone- including my cousin, Abby- once we got there, and promptly went down to dinner, followed quickly by meetings to help us get oriented and decide what classes we wanted to sit in on the next day. We played a name game which involved hitting people and pain, which is always fun, and I slooowly began to get to know people better. Woo! We went down to Alton to bowl after learning everyone's names, and I bonded with Sarah, who also liked many of the same things as I. Our team kicked ass in the losing department, though I did let my group down by accidentally getting a strike. Damn it all.

We went to the pub afterwards to get milkshakes, only to find that Sarah and I have even more in common than we had expected. She gave me more of her lemony altoid-drugs, and we rambled on about Dune and LotR and Snape and Wormtongue... Ah, good crop here at Prin! We headed back to the dorm to exchange sketchbooks afterwards, and people gathered around to look at our art-stuffs as we did it. Fun. We stayed up late meeting people and telling stupid jokes, which is no less than hilarious when in semi-comatose state late into the night. Pillow fights ensued.

And, a cool side note- Jon likes Stargate SG-1, and has all the seasons so far on tape. He got hugs a plenty.

Friday we sat in on classes and stuff. Whoa.

I met with the head of the Art Departement first, and then my new Admisions Councellor, Masami. They were great, and they liked my art. A plus, yes. I then sat in on Philosophy and Race with Sarah, and I talked the entire time. They looked awfully surprised that this high school kid knew so damn much about modern racism, and they seemed impressed. It was fun, and we got some good discussions done. I ran across the hall to Gender Paradigms then, in which they presented posters of stereotypical women and men sen in the media... I like the classes and atmosphere so far, so I feel like I'm on the right track.

I sat with Sarah, Abby and Ryan White (a student ambassador, one of those who hangs ut with the visitors), the last of whom decided to check out my portfolio when I sat in on an Oil Painting class the next period. I ended up sitting with him (after attending a breathtakingly gorgeous student concert), overlooking the Mississippi river bluffs as the sun began to come out. It was pretty, the couch was comfy, and I really liked hanging out with Ryan. He did wildlife art, and we shared a lot of views- overall, very satisfying.

Sarah & I watched signs and cool runnings back at the dorm later, and learned to play Three Card Manard with the guys- the Game With No Discernable Point, as I now call it. Fun, nonetheless. We went with Alastair (South African ambassador with funfunfun accent) to the telescope afterwards, and looked at Jupited and Saturn, and then we stayed up late.

The end.

Or not.

We all slept in, watched some more movies, and then Sarah taught Ryan an' I to play this pleasant little Amelie ditty that she had written up- 'twas fun. We later checked out Prin's taxidermy room in the Science Center after the trip to the St. Louis zoo fell through, and had fun looking at smelly dead things. I have pictures! We watched Catch me if You Can in the Auditorium with everyone, which was a surprisigly good movie (go PanAm!), and discussed developing a world-wide Anarchy with Alastair.

I currently own Mexico and Cntral America- go me.

I played blowdarts later in the Science Center with some visitors and students, which consisted of PVC tubing, golf tees and pain. It was great fun, and zi got amazingly bruised up doing it. We might of won, though I think we didn't. Or we did. One or the other. I was going to rest afterwards, but I ended up going with a group to play Sardines in the supposed-to-be-locked Gym area. We played two games, and I hid the second time 'round. The second game was rudely interrupted by security, though, and Phil and the rest of us made a run for it to avoid trouble. Cool.

Evan, Pam, Juan, Juliana, Andy, Jack and I all decided not to sleep, as there was no point. We played ten fingers and sat around talking (Juan lost first at everything, including talking. Stupid Juan.) until 5:40, when we all headed out to watch the sunrise and look out at the bluffs in the morning. Juan went nuts from lack of sleep, and everyone left but Evan and I. We chatted, until he caught me off guard and said that he had been considering kissing me for the past twenty minutes. I had gotten the 'vibe' the entire weekend, but I had only known him for two days... He's great, but great as a friend.

I admit, I was tempted, though. But I thanked him, and pointed out that I wouldn't really respond to the kiss, so I wouldn't suggest it. He was quite a gentleman, and we walked back to the dorm as friends. He hugged my and kissed me on the cheek as he let me into my dorm, which ws nice- but I'm glad he's respecting my decision.

We all left Sunday, which sucked. and I miss everyone. And I don't want to write anything now, thanks.
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