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Ah, well.

Since very few- I feel I can safely assume- could make sense of my last post, I suppose i should make some feeble attempt to gather together my thoughts about book V, put them to paper, and let those who've finished sort through them and make of my opinions whatever they will.

So, I'll carry on then! If you're too daft to have made this connection yet,

First off, though mank seem to disagree with me, I really found that I enjoyed this book. Many members o' the fandom online keep complaining that things happened too suddenly, or that people tended to act out of character or whatnot, but I sincerely found that the story had matured just the right amount considering the shenanigans and goings-on in the wizarding world prior to the book. Maybe it's just me, but many of the situations and emotions and issues just might have hit just a bit too close to home for some people; Harry's more Slytherin-esque qualities reared their ugly(?) head during the novel, yes, but they were completely legit in the context of Harry's situation! It scared me to find how many times I could see myself acting exactly as Harry had I been in his shoes... Really odd.

So, now, some things concerning the book that I'd like to briefly comment on:

Attitude!Harry. The new and much more human harry was a surprise when reading the book, as the pressure of who he was (and what responsibility he now had to take on) seemed to be weighing down on him. The tense, 'at the end of their rope/at eachothers' necks' aura that floated around Harry was also reflected in almost every one of the other characters, which I really think helped get aoss to the reader just how dire the situation had become. Everyone in the OotP had obviously been working their tails and a half off over the past few months, and the close proximity couldn't not get to them. I liked this.

Tonks. A great new female character, and one that was (thankfully!) without a suddenly huge role to play simply because she was a chick. She had a good attitude, and had the obvious character flaw of being exceptionally clumsy at the most inopportune times. Though many seem to be damning her 'Mary Sueness,' I found her to be rather unique in comparison to the buttload of empty author characters that exist out in the fandom right now; she was never stated as being typically beautiful (though she can change her shape, she chooses a default look which sports an atypically short haircut), and she's got a simple attitude that works in nicely- and subtley- with those around her. I know she'll have a larger part to play later on, yes, but for now she's most definitely captured my eye... And shapeshifters did not originate in fanfiction, y'know.

Remus, Alastor, Sirius... it's great to see such a trove of choice characters back in the scene, the 'old school crowd.' i've adored the three of them (including Moody, who I don't even technically know) since they were first introduced, and they're, no doubt, assets to the Order. They carry some of the deepest and most compellingly complex character maps/backgrounds out of anyone in the series so far, and I love seeing them interact, or just right-out seeing more of them.

Patroni. I just love the ida of protective animal spirits, and seeing people other than Harry with them is inspiring... Not to mention, downright cool. I loved the opening scene of Harry protecting Dudley from the Dementors, as hearing that, in one way or another, 'a silvery stag burst from the tip of his wand' never fails to send chills up my spine.

12 Grimmauld Place, akso to be referred to as the Order's headquarters, or Black's family home. The sole idea of Black breaking from his pureblooded/evil/what have you family's tradition to go and hang at James' is brilliant, and I just love the atmosphere of the house. Though Kreacher could be annoying in person, his dedication to his family is remarkable; I mean, he is found snogging that pair of trousers upstairs. The scene concerning Sirius' family lineage was totally enlightening, and (though I had never considered it) the intertwinging of the pureblood families makes perfect sense... The idea of Tonks somehow being Draco's cousin is just far too awesome.

Thestrals. Man, I do love reptilian, skeletal horsies with wings. Really I do! As a fond supported of misunderstood animals, the fact that they eat raw meat and are only seen by those who've seen death fascinates me; I really do like their introduction- no matter how much it doesn't make sense that Harry didn't see them in earlier years, considering that he had seen his 'rents die... But, sincerely, I'm not in the mood to nitpick. I just like the idea, and I want one.

Background information. along with the Sorting Hat's new sorg of tale and warning, Harry's experience in Snape's pensieve was fascinating. Having been picked on immensely during middle school, I loved seeing a side of Severus (and MWPP) that I had, to some degree, predicted on my own. Nevertheless, SIrius and James- though definitely the characters I'd expected them t'be- shocked me with their harsh abuse of snivellus... For Harry and I both, that was quite a shocker. Definitely want to get into this more...

...But, alas, it's getting late! I will continue at a later time, as I still have yet to really pensieve my thought on the matter. *Yawn*
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