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Hangin' around...

It's been... Hm, about a year and a half since I've posted anything from the Warner Brothers lot. Crazy. I really don't go to work with my dad very often, now do I?

So, if you haven't figured this out by now, I'm spending the day with my dad at his office on the (gasp!) WB backlot. Yay! Backlots never lose their charm, especially since I can be in River City, Iowa by walking down the street- and you gotta love the fact that all of the trees have their leaves glued on. Though, I must admit, backlots aren't nearly as stunningly awesome as films tend to make them out to be; I mean, yes- I enjoy it immensely, but I have yet to see any chorus girls, astronauts, jungle men or the like wandering off to their next shoot in a neighboring sound stage. I did see two guys racing their go-karts, though! Now that was cool.

I want a go-kart.

SO, my main reason for coming was the fact that they're screening a newly realigned version of Errol Flynn's Robin Hood today in one of the many, many theatres, and- seeing as I do love this film- I decided not to miss out. I have a half hour until I have to go and listen to some great filmgeek babble, so I guess I'll... Just... Sit around. FOr now.

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