Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel

New icon...

...Those of you who get it (to pull a Lissa), will get it. And should be laughing their arses off. Heh.

First off, a wonderful compilation (thanks to my good twin at work, Annie) of the crappy and utterly frivolous emails that the monitors have to 'HI, I am having some trouble with painting my Pets. I bought a Starry
Paint Brush Plushie and I need some help. I can't figure out how to paint my
Pet (a Blumaroo).'

Don't let the term 'plushie' fool ya.

'Can you make a faerie queen???If you do can you name it Isabella,since I
thought of it and put on news that I'm the faerie princess????Since I
thought of it.'

Wait- did Faerie Queen Jhudora kick the bucket?  I totally didn't see that
one coming.

'how come you do not have picture contests you should have people create
there own pictures of neopets and then have a vote ore something to
determine the winner
and give the winner a prize'

Because...  The beauty contest doesn't already exist...

'How is it that you guyz always forget about canada day?!?!?'

Oh my GOD, how do we?!?!?

Work's been good, though hectic. I've just come home every day only to collapse on to the bed- and it's only been three freakin' days! God, I'll never last. I've been working on some card designs for a Wizards of the Coast, Magic-esque game we're creating- which is fun- but it's murder on my hand...

...I can't wait to start work again in a week. Stupid vacation!
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