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I might as well write about it now, as I doubt I'll have any other free time in days to come. So, yeah.

Sunday- Arrived. V. hot, with an awesome open air airport- no leis by then, which was depressing... But I lived. Drove to our hotel across a barren wasteland of ancient lava while listening to Lilo & Stitch- pleasantly appropriate. Got leis at the hotel (thank god), and spent the remainder of the afternoon eating, worrying about Man o' War, and- er- sunsetting. Pretty. Ate some complimentary papaya in my room after buying shark toof necklace, and then went to bed. Yum.

Monday- Became seventeen, for one- way cool. Went swimming despite fear of so-called jellies, and got v. wet. Snorkeling didn't help amend this, and instead worked to rid me of any semblance of dryness I had left. Fun, nevertheless. Bonded with a turtle I named Liliuokolani ('twas a girl-turtle), and made a point to disturb many a fish. Others saw an 'I sure wish I was a jellyfish' man o' war floating about, and communicated the fact by flailing their arms dramatically. Got out, dried off, and went to get delicious pizza... Surprisingly large pizza, at that.

Took the car out and about one of the island's dormant volcanoes, and managed to travel through upstate New York, Scotland, Ireland, and Northridge according to the passing landscape. V. odd, considering that we were in Hawaii. Hm. Made an attempt to go shopping but failed miserably as we never got out of the car, and began counting cows, horses, and cow-shaped horses as we drove along. The road ended not unlike Goonies, simply sans huge pirate ship. Took photos of awe-inspiring cliffs and valley, though- upon anattempt to hike further- slipped and cut myself on the mud. Still healing. Ouch.

Went back to the hotel, the only bloody one in the car, and was surprised by an aptly-named surprise party for my aunt's and my birthday. My and my aunt... My aunt and I's... Nevermind. Mahi mahi with mango salsa was delicious, as was the hawaiian music, the fact that the entertainers kept calling us by the wrong names, and the presents. Got Stargate, Cabaret, Nemo, good stuff... Went to bed happy.

Tuesday- Dolphin Adventure was today, got to pet dolphins and stuff. As Emily said, could have been so much cooler.

I can't remember all of it, but I know I went swimming again, and that we took our first 'Hummel/Donahue' adventure according to our amazingly entertaining tour book. Took a 300-yard hike to a fresh water-filled lava tube with skylights for entry, and then hiked about a mile more to get to one of Kamehameha's old fish ponds. A bay nearby was supposedly filled with turtles (like, just how full? To the brim? Overflowing...?), so we snorkeled. Saw five or so, sat with one on the beach and bonded for a while. Gave up naming system, as Liliuokalani I, II, etc. can only go so far.

Went back to 'Queen's Bath,' the lava tube, swam. V. cold, but beautiful. Saw fish, though I have no idea how they got in there. Walked more than anyone just to save them time by bringing the car closer, and went home wet and tired. Memory cuts out 'bout there.

Wednesday- Relax day, on our alternating schedule. Relaxed. More later.
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