Claire Hummel (shoomlah) wrote,
Claire Hummel


I believe this submission to the neopets poetry contest truly sums up the essence of the krawk.

by underfart1337

In the gusty meadows
Krawk is like RAWR
So if you ph33r him
Then go away far

And then he's like "BWAIR OB T3H L33T"
And your like =(
But he gave you a hug
You are like =)

Krawk is my friend
He is so clamy and hard
But sometimes he's kind of like
A stick of lard

Cuz he's mean
And he bites
But thats ok
Cuz I will gib him t3h fights

And we r t3h fighting
and hes like RAWR
and he takes a big bite out of me
and it sux =(

Now where'd I put that stick of lard?
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