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...that's disturbingly... specific. Heh.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:shoomlah
Your haiku:as she wrote the death
of whomever in book five
and i both that was
Created by Grahame

And, of course, more results...

and layered role
models for boys reading the
story yay in fact

stand as if you were
on a stick and making an
attempt in vain to

and you sat you didn't
stand as if you haven't yet
stumbled upon it

place also to be
damning her mary sueness
i found out that he
(damn it all! *shakes fist*)

after school to take
advantage of the trees have
their leaves glued on though

i'll be missing and
to top it off the stargate
logo in the ootp
(waitaminnut- the sg logo's in order of the phoenix...?)

mates and i promptly
said mom i don't want to get
delicious pizza
(Come now, that's not like me.)

just beautful.oh yeah
anubis freaks me out i
just needed a place

when i found her to
be a convinient way for
maddy and myself

been distorted beyond
recognition in many
a fish others saw

It never ends...!
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