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Karaoke was awesome last night- Stacy rules for introducing me to it.

Also, a sliiiightly early birthday present for Lissa: Jack Sparrow's sentence, taken from the parchment in the exhibit. Enjoy!

Jack Sparrow, Be it known that you have been charged, tried and convicted for your willful commission of crimes against the crown, said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature, the most egregious of those to be cited herewith: Piracy, smuggling, falsification of letters of Marque and Reprisal, impersonating an officer of the British Royal Navy, impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of England, sailing under false colours, anger, kidnapping, looting, poaching, brigadage, pilferage, depravity, dpridation and general lawlessness, and for these crimes, you have been sentenced to be on this day hung by the neck until dead.

May God have mercy on your soul.
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