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Okay, I've just avoided joining in on the whole 'Bush Sucks' campaign that seems so popular nowadays- yeah, he's annoying, and most probably not qualified, but heck. I'll just ignore him, and he'll go away, and no more 'finger on the button' junk to put up with.

Yeah, well, now it's personal.


Bush declared this week Marriage Sanctity Week. And no, that doesn't mean honoring the joining of two people in some beautiful declaration of spiritual love, this freakin' means the joining of one man, and one woman. Nothing else. That's it. End of story.

And of course, it doesn't matter if the woman was a mail-order bride; it doesn't matter if one married the other simply to get at their fortune; and no, it doesn't matter if the two were forced together on some pathetic TV show where the American public chose for them. No, because sanctity means heterosexuality.

Right then. I'm mad.
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